Our Pillars Of Excellence

  • Service Delivery

The Company’s focus is to be consistent in delivering all the customers’ orders and sending accurate bills in time.  It has acquired modern equipment for its production and a large distribution fleet consisting of sixteen trucks at the moment. This gives it the capacity to deliver products to all its customers in time and while still fresh. 

  • Quality of the products

The Company always strives to observe the best industry practices and legal procedures to ensure that it puts the correct mix of bread ingredients and thus offer high quality and nutritional value to its customers at all times to meet customers’ expectations. We maintain sanitation through vigilance, with a particular focus on food storage, employee’s personal hygiene, and the cleanliness of the equipment and facility. All products are prepared from standardized recipes to ensure quality and consistency.

  • Cost of the products

The cost of production must always remain low, not exceeding 50% of the product cost, to enable the company offer the products to its customers at competitive prices and thus maximising on its profits.

  • Safety of the products and the employees

The Company strives to bake its products under the highest hygiene standards to ensure their safety before being delivered to its customers. Employees are trained to uphold the responsibilities placed upon them to ensure regulatory compliance. The employees adhere to the agreed food and hygiene regulations as well as health and safety procedures, in order to maintain a clean and safe environment in the bakery.

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