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An Established Bread Making Company.

Alicia Bakery has a commitment to quality because it understands the central place of bread and confectionary products on modern breakfast tables.

Its range of products caters for diverse tastes, all packaged in different sizes to accommodate the exact needs of different families and occasions.

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As one of the largest bakeries in Kenya, we deliver our bread to businesses in several different areas. Whether you work for a Restaurant, Health Care, School, Food Service or Co-packing Company, we can deliver our delicious bread to you throughout the week.


To Improve customer experience and responsiveness, we have to track the following operation metrics: a) On-Time Delivery to Commit (On-Time in Full) b) Manufacturing Cycle Time c) Inventory Turnover


Alicia bakers offers a large variety of quality bread and confectionary products at competitive prices. Its blend of competent personnel and state-of-the-art equipments enables it to be consistent in producing very high quality products.

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Manufacturing, processing or any other Industries can now apply for tenders online on our page.

Also Individuals  who are seeking for jobs can now apply for advertised position online and get a job.

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