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We use production schedules that maximize freshness and minimize waste.

With the aforementioned in place, we plan to grow and expand our business to keep pace with the demands of the growing population and its needs, enriching the life of all stakeholders from employees, investors and our esteemed customers. However, given the distance from the main wheat flour manufactures, the cost of production has remained high. The quality of wheat flour also varies from time to time, posing a challenge to the quality of bread we have always intended to produce. It is against this back drop that the Government of Kenya authorized the Alicia Bakers and Confectioners Ltd to import and mill their own wheat flour. In March 2016, Alicia Bakers and confectioners started milling its own wheat flour. Wheat flour products are produced under the MBUNI brand name.


Bakers flour 50kg

This is pure white bakers flour for making bread. It is fortified with vitamins.

Whole meal flour 50kg

Whole meal flour meant for making brown bread and other healthy loaves.

Homebaking flour 50Kg

Packed in 50kg, this is white baking flour ideal for home baking but not for bread. It is also fortified with vitamins.

Homebaking flour 1kg and 2kg

Packed in 1kg and 2kg, this is white baking flour ideal for home baking but not for bread. It is also fortified with vitamins.

Atta Mark 1 2kg and 1kg

Packed in 1 and 2kg packets, this is brown baking flour ideal for making  brown  chapattis  and  rotis  but  not for bread.  It is also fortified with vitamins.

Chapati flour, 2kg and 1kg

Fortified with vitamins , this flour is ideal for soft and yummy chapatis.

Self raising flour, 2kg and 1kg

For soft and fluffy cakes and donuts, use our Mbuni self raising flour.



The first milling by-product is bran. Bran includes the coarse outer covering of the seed and lesser amounts of flour. Nutritionally, bran primarily contains fiber and protein.A product with a high fiber content in flakes form, reddish brown color, obtained from whole wheat -soft or hard-, clean and healthy. For human consumption, it is obtained by crushing, compression and separation processes. It can also be used for animal feed. It is a food rich in nutrients and minerals essential for health.


Wheat pollard is very palatable and can be used in diets of pigs, poultry, ruminants and horses of all ages. However due to its bulkiness and high fibre content, it is not suggested for use in diets for very young stock. Its bulkiness could also limit its use in diets fed to poultry using automatic feeding equipment where ‘bridging’ in feed bins can result.


The next grain milling by-product is grain screenings. Grain screenings are a mixture of dust, chaff, weed seeds, broken grains, unsound grains, and all other materials separated during cleaning and processing.

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