This gives us the capacity to deliver products to all its customers in time and while still fresh.




The Company’s focus is to be consistent in delivering all the customers’ orders and sending accurate bills in time. It has acquired modern equipment for its production and a large distribution fleet consisting of sixteen trucks at the moment. This gives it the capacity to deliver products to all its customers in time and while still fresh.

Pillars of Excellence

On-Time Delivery to Commit (On-Time in Full)

This metric is the percentage of time that our manufacturing delivers a completed product on the schedule that was committed to customers. To Alicia Bakers, the percentage of times that our customers receive the entirety of their ordered manufactured goods, to the correct specifications, and delivered at the expected time is our top priority.

Manufacturing Cycle Time

Measures the speed or time it takes for manufacturing to produce a given product from the time the order is released to production, to finished goods.

Inventory Turnover

We use the inventory turnover ratio to measure the rate at which the company purchases and resells products to customers.

Alicia Bakers & Confectioners Ltd do recognize special life events of a person and that’s why we designs special cake for a specific event as ordered by the customer.

  • Birthday Cakes
  • Graduation Ceremony Cakes
  • Anniversary Cakes 
  • Seminars
  • Wedding Cakes etc.

We also offer a Classy and Enjoyable place to Celebrate, Honor and Mark your big day.

A place with a Music System, Big TV Screen, Available Catering, CCTV for Security and Strong Internet Connection



Help-Desk Support

We provide all the information related to our services to our customers anytime they contact us.

Customers Happiness

Our Products and Services are of Customers' expectation.


We package our Products in a well designed, hygienic and environmental friendly packaging bags.


We deliver full Order of our products and services to our customers on time.